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Made in Los Angeles, California. Birthed in Brooklyn, New York.

Aromas de Loft is a Luxury Candle Company handcrafted and birthed in Brooklyn. Challenging the idea that a scents have a specific gender. Albeit, since we have been constantly told this, it becomes our second nature! We recognize that these ideas are associated through cultural convention within society. We curate many ingredients and rely on our senses to do the rest. Sometimes it's hard to describe what we may like from a scent but we know we like it. Scents are subjective to each person, that's what makes this industry unique. Scents have the ability to evoke inspiration through memories, travel, and present time. Each candle has a story, which inadvertently represents us as people.

We utilize florals, liqueurs, currants, and other natural properties to capture the essence of energy. Our candles are always great to set the mood in your home, the office, or even places where candles are warranted. 

Our candles are bold and unique. We pride ourselves with creating a max burn-time of 65 hours. Our candles have been created with a story that represent the origin of each candle.

Sustainability is imperative to our community. We use sustainably sourced wooden wicks that are FSC approved. FSC certification ensures that products come from forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. Our candles are hand-poured with soy wax. We use soy wax due to reducing our impact of using crude oil. Learn more about our Sustainability Pledge. 



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